The Arkansas Progressive Democrats Caucus was established to create a majority coalition of progressive organizations, increase progressive voter turnout, amplify progressive voices, and enact social democratic policies within Arkansas state and local government.

The Arkansas Progressive Democrats Caucus (APDC) was also formed to bridge the gap between legislators and everyday working Arkansans. Our focus is to coordinate on a county level to develop voter education programming, poll station access, and civic mobilization in counties and communities that are habitually overlooked and under-served.

APDC is dedicated to building a broader, more diverse and engaged electoral base in Arkansas politics.

We want to hold our democratic leaders to their word to actually work for the people with public accountability, new leaders, and an empowered voter base. We can create positive political programs for stronger, more educated future democrats. We can overturn generations of business Democrats playing to the interests of profits.

We are aware of the deep historical structures of racism and oppression and strive to contribute to people’s movements for sweeping changes and non-reformist reforms. We stand for dignity, democracy, social equity, cooperation, and environmental stewardship. We are abolitionists, believing that people can achieve excellence if they are enfranchised and afforded civil rights, living wages, and access to social goods, community support and solidarity.

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